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Grade 7

There are no entries yet for this grade.

Grade 8

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Grade 10

Grade 11

Michele Fowler,Leanne Elmstrom (Grieve),Leanne Elmstrom (Grieve),Catharine Brider (Hannam),Andrew Kidd,Elizabeth Simmers (Lane),Nicholas Luck,Daryl Miller,Michelle Maksimous (Reading),Cindy Ashton (Riemer),Shane Rowatt,Susy Trace
Departing Students
James Stringer (Irish)
When I attended it was under my step father's last name of Irish.
Last Updated : 16/05/2016
Karen Bischof (Schubel)
I attended year 8-11. I only completed a quarter of year 11 and left.
Last Updated : 22/10/2018

Grade 12

Darren Ashford
Hoping to get in touch with my classmates from 1990, 1991 yr 12.
Last Updated : 17/04/2016
Darren Ashford
After going through the amazing journey of life, and as I continue to grow, I often look back at the splendor of my time at Toowoomba State High School. Memories that have lasted a life time, and I have a sincere desire to reconnect with past friends. thank you.
Last Updated : 24/06/2017
Leanne Avery
[Statement not provided]
Last Updated : 20/12/2019
Belinda Dobelis
[Statement not provided]
Last Updated : 09/04/2016
Ian Hayes
[Statement not provided]
Last Updated : 15/08/2020
Peter Hickmott
[Statement not provided]
Last Updated : 09/11/2017
Steve Lowe
[Statement not provided]
Last Updated : 04/05/2015
Julien Ronfeldt
[Statement not provided]
Last Updated : 21/10/2018
Martyn Sutcliffe
Still a Map Geek at heart.
Last Updated : 08/01/2020
Leah Treadwell (Wilson)
[Statement not provided]
Last Updated : 21/10/2018